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We produce salve in small batches to insure freshness. We are currently out of stock. Please enter your email to be alerted when Miracle Salve is available to order.

Your new “can’t live without” multi-purpose, all-natural, 82% organic, stunningly effective salve.

You will use this beautiful blend of butters, infused with calendula and lavender, day and night to repair and protect.Your friends will steal it from you, so stash a few away.

I love Beret Jane, an incredible salve made by Beret herself, who is a certified aromatherapist, and clearly knows how to create a salve that really works. [More...]

Sophie Uliano
A Gorgeously Green Life

I’ve never had such visible results so quickly. I’m talking smoother fine lines and wrinkles, reduced redness and sebum production, moisturized lips – the whole shebang! [More...]

Roxette Arisa
My Beauty Bunny

A cold weather savior. [More...]

Sarita Coren
Edible Facial

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Meet Beret

My life’s passion of creating therapeutic skin products began while I was a teenager whipping up my own shampoos, deodorant and lotions when I couldn’t find products I loved on store shelves. 

Next came body butter, which morphed into Miracle Salve as I became more and more obsessed with jam-packing it full of the strongest healing agents nature has to offer. 


Our Mission

We want you to have supple, radiant, toned, moisturized, and healthy skin. That’s why we exist.

We’re a small, family-run business. Our ingredients are sourced from around the world. But, our manufacturer produces small batches of our salve in their lovely U.S. facility, which is USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and Ecocert Organic certified.

We want to be good stewards of the planet, we are eco-conscious, all-natural, and animal friendly.

And, we want to have heaps of fun. Otherwise, what's the point?